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By Vanx on Tuesday 1 March 2011 18:46 - Comments (2)
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Have you ever felt stuck in one of your electronic devices, because you could not find the right buttons? To be able to use your devices to the fullest, an understanding of the interface is essential. Interfacess come in many different forms. From the endless and hard to understand interfaces in old televisions to the easy and explanation free train ticket machines. This last menu is a so called intuitive interface. A direct link to the very successful "it just works" concept from Apple can be made.

First of all, the term “intuitive interface” needs some explaining, because interfaces cannot be intuitive, since programs do not have intuition. It is the user that can intuit the interface easily. For the rest of this blog the term intuitive interface will be used for an interface that a user can understand easily. The question now arises, when can one call an interface intuitive and which requirements have to be met?


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