The big battle: Mac OS X vs Windows. en

By Vanx on Tuesday 5 April 2011 11:20 - Comments (17)
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The big battle: Mac OS X vs Windows.

Copycats are a known problem in the IT-world. I used to think that they copy the successful company to make sure they don’t fall behind or look old. Wheez50 opened my eyes in a very thoughtful comment; he says that “truly intuitive designs will eventually resemble each other.” In this blog I will show that this indeed could be the case, by choosing main aspects of an operating systems and comparing them.

Firstly the way one launches programs. Windows has long been known for the icons on the desktop (hence the name windows!), but has in Vista and certainly 7 changed its approach. Important programs are now launched directly from the taskbar.

Apple is long known for its dock, which is introduced in 2001. The dock holds all the programs that are running, they have a dot below and other important programs that might not be running. When one moves the mouse over icons, the icons get a bit larger. This is meant to improve navigation and precision. The dock is a perfect example of user interface element that sells; it looks very neat in the shop, but lacks the functions of the more sophisticated Windows taskbar. There is no denying that they look quite alike, with an advantage to Windows as it holds more functionality (Aeropeek, support for multiple documents).

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